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Resources for more information, UeuqalsU, Hiv Basics, and HIV Prevention.  UequalsU  CATIE The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) Prevention Access Campaign HIV Factsheet Canada Canadian HIV Clinical Guidelines The AIDS Network Video by Xtra Magazine  HIV Basics  Aidsmap,%2Dlymphocytes%2C%20or%20helper%20cells. CDC HIV Basics CDC HIV Testing CATIE HIV Testing […]

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What if I forget to take HIV medication for a day?

Medication Compliance

You should aim to take your pills at the same time each day so that it becomes a habit. If you are used to taking all or nearly all of your antiretrovirals at the right time and in the right way, you are much better placed if you have a problem such as forgetting a […]

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Do I need to worry about other STIs?

Other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is highly effective at preventing HIV but it does not protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The recommended practice for all people on PrEP includes regular STI testing and treatment which should result in earlier detection and treatment of STIs. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a combination of two medications taken by people […]

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Does U=U apply to everyone? All types of sex?

Is U=U for everyone ?

The PARTNER study concluded that there is zero HIV transmission regardless of type of sex. U=U is applicable to vaginal, oral, and anal sex. For people living with HIV, it’s important to facilitate and support the use of HIV treatment to maintain an undetectable viral load as a prevention strategy. This can include supporting people […]

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How does an undetectable viral load prevent transmission of HIV?

U=U As Prevention

HIV treatment, also called antiretroviral therapy, prevents the transmission of HIV by controlling the replication of HIV in the body —  which means it reduces HIV’s ability to make copies of itself. When HIV replication is controlled, the amount of virus (also known as the viral load) in the blood and other bodily fluids decreases. […]

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Benefits of maintaining an undetectable viral load?

Benefits of U=U

Maintaining an undetectable viral load leads to the best possible health outcomes for a person living with HIV. In addition to improving the health and wellbeing of a person living with HIV, achieving an undetectable viral load means that a person living with HIV can no longer transmit HIV to their partner(s) sexually. Achieving and […]

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How often should I get tested for HIV? Viral load should be tested every 3-4 months!

How often should I get tested ?

The first step is to get connected to HIV care, a doctor who specializes in caring for people living with HIV is in the best position to determine how often a patient should be tested. Typically, testing is done every 3 to 4 months when a person first begins HIV treatment. If viral suppression is […]

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What is an 'Undetectable Viral Load'?

What is an Undetectable Viral Load?

The observational study PARTNER/PARTNER2 defined an undetectable viral load as less than 200 viral copies per milliliter of blood. Although some clinics may set a lower level (40-50 viral copies per milliliter of blood) as an undetectable HIV load. The amount of HIV in your bodily fluids is called your viral load. Effective HIV treatment […]

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What is U=U?

What is U=U

Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) improves overall health and prevents sexual transmission of HIV. The goal of treatment is to achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load. Studies have shown that effective ART prevents sexual transmission of HIV. Adherence to ART is essential for achieving and maintaining an undetectable viral load. It can take […]

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Did you know? In Canada, the viral load considered as 'undetectable' (40 copies/mL) is much lower compared to the CDC standard (200 copies/mL).

Did you know ?

In Canada, the viral load considered as ‘undetectable’ (40 copies/mL) is much lower compared to the CDC standard (200 copies/mL). At least 2 consecutive undetectable results over a 6 month period are required before u=u can be used as a prevention strategy. #ItStartsWithU.

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