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Karma Kameleon’s “Wine and Dine” Chicken

Dennis Boyd | May 4, 2020

This recipe was submitted by local drag performer and friend of The AIDS Network Karma Kameleon. Karma has always been an amazing supporter of our work, you may remember her from her performance at our Comfort & Joy fundraiser in December.

Serves 4


(optional) 2 bottles of white wine (red will also work, but you will have a headache the next day)

4 boneless chicken breasts

1 lb Mini Potatoes

6-8 Carrots depending on girth

2 large sweet potatoes

1 head of broccoli

& the following spices:





Garlic Powder

Onion powder



Preheat oven to 425

(optional: Open first bottle of wine and pour a sensible glass. Drink from said glass.)

Wash mini potatoes and place in a large mixing bowl.

Wash, peel and slice carrots add to mixing bowl of potatoes.

Wash, peel and dice sweet potatoes (aim for around 1-2 inch cubes).

Add to mixing bowl with other root veggies.

Wash and chop head of broccoli.

Add all to mixing bowl.

Season veggie mixture with pepper, oregano & basil. Mix it around so everything is evenly coated.

Place chicken breast in a roasting pan.

(optional: Aggressively wash your hands because you don’t want raw chicken on your wine glass. You remember you have wine and take a sip.)

Season the chicken breast with your mixture of all seasonings.

Add 1 inch of water to roasting pan.

(optional: Add 1 inch of wine to glass so a casual passerby won’t notice you’ve been drinking it.)

Add veggie mixture into roasting pan. Put the lid on the pan and place in oven for 1 hour. Set a timer.

(Optional: You should have about 2/3 to 1/2 of your first bottle of wine left. Sit in your kitchen and drink it. If done correctly you should forget you were even cooking until your timer goes off.)

When the chicken is done (liquid runs clear when stuck with a fork), serve hot, (optionally with your second bottle of wine)

While we may not be able to come together for an evening of great food and supporting our cause, great food can still bring us together, and so we are sharing with you the favourite recipes of our team, volunteers and community partners! Over the next few weeks we will be adding to this virtual cookbook to help inspire you in your own kitchen, and we hope our A Taste at Home campaign bring you the comfort these recipes bring our contributors. While we may be physically distant, we can still come together in a spirit of sharing and giving.

If you are enjoying our recipes and you are able at this time, please consider making a donation to The AIDS Network. Fundraising is a crucial component in our ability to provide programs and services to our most vulnerable clients. Food security programs are especially necessary in this difficult time, and are wholly supported by fundraising dollars. You can make a donation through our Canada Helps page.